Don't Risk A Tip Over: How To Keep Your Porta Potties On Solid Ground

17 May 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you're going to rent porta potties for your next event, take steps to keep them secure. The last thing you want is to have your porta potties tip over—especially when they're occupied. Here are some tips you can use to help keep your porta potties secure during your next event.

Secure the Skids

When your porta potties are set up, each unit will be placed on a skid. It may appear that the skids will hold your portable toilets securely to the ground, but that's not the case. Unless you take steps to secure the skids, your portable toilets will still be susceptible to tip overs. The best way to secure the skids is to ensure that portable toilet stakes are used to fasten the skids to the ground. Once the stakes are in place, your portable toilets will be more difficult to tip over, even in high winds.

Choose the Right Location

If you want to make sure that your porta potties don't tip over during your event, you need to make sure that you choose the right location for set-up. First, avoid areas that are sloped or uneven. A sloped or uneven foundation will put your porta potty at risk for tip overs. Second, avoid sand or soft soil. Sand or soft soil won't hold the skid stakes securely. Third, avoid wet locations, as wetness will allow the soil to erode under the porta potties. Finally, avoid areas that are located on or near curbs, as curbs can increase the risk of tip overs.

Don't Space Out Your Porta Potties

When choosing the location for your porta potties, avoid spacing each unit out. Instead, try to place your porta potties in rows. Rows provide a more secure location for porta potties, especially when it comes to tip overs caused by high winds. If you must place porta potties in locations by themselves, try to position them near a permanent structure. The permanent structure will help buffer the wind, and reduce the likelihood of a tip over.

Lock Them Up After Hours

If your event is going to run for extended period of time, be sure to lock your porta potties up after hours. Porta potties provide a welcome target for vandals. You don't want your porta potties to be tipped over or vandalized while you're away from the location. First, ensure that the door to each porta potty is shut tightly. Next, run a locking cable through each of the door handles and lock the cable in place. Finally, secure the area by posting a portable motion-sensor lights near your porta potties. The added security will help prevent over-night tip overs and vandalism.

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