Need To Put Your Disney Collection Into Storage? 3 Tips For Storing These Valuables

14 June 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


Some people have active hobbies such as playing sports while others love to collect things. If you happen to have a love for Disney, you may have amassed a large collection of memorabilia. Whether you visit the stores in the mall, the parks throughout the world, or do your shopping online, you can find thousands of items to choose from that showcase movies, shows, characters, or just Disney itself. If you need to put your collection in storage, you want to do it in the right way to avoid the chance of damage.


When you head to Disney parks, you will find stores that carry glass figurines in cases at various stores. They are beautiful creations that can also cost a pretty penny, so keeping them safe is essential. If you want to walk into your storage unit and enjoy seeing your collection on display, then you should consider getting a shadow box or freestanding display shelf that you can put your figurines in. For optimizing space, you can wrap each piece in cloth, follow up with bubble wrap, and then pack it into a sturdy box.


Disney has had pins since they first started, but it became a huge seller in 1999. Since then, new pins get released on a monthly basis and just about every major holiday and movie gets several pin releases. The easiest way to display your pin collection is by putting them on a large cork board. You can then take these cork boards and put them into the storage unit as is, or layer multiple boards in plastic bins.


It started with the classic Mickey Mouse ears, but it did not stop there. You can find shops in Disney parks that are dedicated just to selling Disney hats and ears, so you may have a collection of your own. These items require delicate care, especially because you do not want to wear damaged ears. The easiest way is to get a number of hat boxes, which are easily stacked and perfect for putting into a storage unit. Depending on the style, you may be able to stack several Disney ears to minimize space consumption.

Storing random items is a little different than storing things that you are passionate about, especially when they may carry a substantial monetary value currently or in the future. Using these tips to store the most popular Disney merchandise will make sure you eventually take these items out in great condition. Contact a company like California Storagemasters for more information.