Ideal Things To Put In Storage After You Get Married

24 August 2016
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When you and your new spouse get married and move in together, one of the challenges that you'll face is dealing with the surplus of possessions. If each of you lived alone prior to your union, you'll often find that you have duplicates of several key items. While some things, such as your respective CD collections, can be combined, other items will be redundant. Instead of getting rid of them, think about relocating them to a nearby storage facility. This way, they'll be available if you need them at any point in the future. Here are some ideal things to put in storage after you get married.

Dish Set

If each of you has his or her own dish set, it's worthwhile to decide which one you'll use in the home and which one you'll keep in storage. Sets of dishes don't last forever; over time, some dishes will inevitably get broken, while others could get chipped. In some cases, you may even grow tired of the design. When you decide that it's finally time to get a new dish set, you can make a quick trip to your storage unit, retrieve the other set and begin using it.

Bed Frame And Mattress

When you move in together, pick the most comfortable bed frame and mattress that either of you has, and then place the other one into storage. The stored items could be retrieved when your mattress wears out, or you could retrieve them even sooner when you decide to set up a spare bedroom in the house for guests. This might not be an immediate priority as you get your new home set up and get some wedding bills paid off, but when the time comes to set up a guest room, you'll already have the bed, which would otherwise be one of the biggest expenses.

Dining Room Set

You'll likely have to choose between your dining room set and your spouse's set; when you select which one you'll keep in the house, the other can be transported to your storage unit. Dining room sets can be pricey, so it's advantageous to have a backup set in storage if you ever decide you want to change the look of your dining room and get rid of your current set. Instead of having to go buy a new one, you can retrieve the other one from storage and decorate the dining room to match the set of tables and chairs. Additionally, it can be handy to keep this set nearby if you ever plan to entertain a large group at your home, as you can retrieve it for extra dining space.

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