Using A Box Truck For Your Move? Use These Tips

15 April 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog


Renting a box truck to move your things into a new home can be a simple way to get the job done. Just be sure that you're using the below suggestions to do things in a smart, effective way.

Fill Boxes Completely

In an effort not to make boxes too big to carry, you may not be filling them all the way, leaving a lot of empty space in the box. If you do that, you could be giving yourself more work than you think because you may need to make repeated trips back and forth to accommodate all the boxes you're using. To make the most of the space in the truck, fill boxes as much as you possibly can. You can get friends to help load and unload if you're afraid that the boxes will be too heavy for you to deal with on your own; you can also make use of hand-trucks and other equipment that will make heavier boxes easier to handle.

Rent the Truck for Longer Than You Think You Need It

To save money, you may plan to rent the box truck for one day. That can put a lot of pressure on you and any helpers you have. Some of your boxes and furniture are bound to be heavy, and the sheer volume of items in the truck can be tiresome to unload in one shot. To save your sanity and create a less work-intensive experience, think about renting the truck for a day or two more. That way, you can do the job at your leisure without having to rush through it.

Pack a Separate Bag for Your First Few Nights

After all the work you're doing to get your things moved, the idea of going through boxes and bags to find your toiletries or bed linens can be an exhausting one. To give yourself a break and ensure that you'll be able to get to necessities easily, give serious thought to packing a completely separate bag that is solely for use on your first few nights. Pack it with a blanket, sheets, toilet paper, pajamas, a baggie containing bathroom items and anything else you will need immediately. That will give you a chance to start unpacking without having to find particular items first.

Your move with a rented box truck can go more smoothly when you use these pointers. Ask your rental company for more advice or try here for more information.