3 Reasons Why Your Employees Need Bottled Watter

28 April 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog


Do you own your own business? Are you constantly on the lookout for ways to boost productivity with your employees? While you may already be offering various monetary incentives to your employees, there are obviously other things that you can do. One thing that may not be so obvious at first is having bottled water delivered to your office or break room. Something so simple as water may not seem like it can have much of an impact, but there are a variety of reasons why you should consider this expenditure. Some of these reasons include:

Increase consumption: Tap water is frequently considered to have a noxious, almost poisonous, taste even when it's perfectly safe to drink. If you live in an area of the country where this is true, your employees may be avoiding drinking anything in order to not have to deal with the taste of tap water. As a result, they may be spending much of the day feeling thirsty and, by extension, cranky. Having bottled water on hand will allow your employees to drink water when they want to so that they won't have to wait until they get home for them to quench their thirst.

Eliminate dehydration: Thirst is not always an indicator of dehydration. Up to 75% of Americans may not be drinking sufficient water to stay hydrated because they may not be recognizing or may be ignoring the signs of chronic dehydration. When the water tastes bad, it's easier to avoid drinking any. Unfortunately, dehydration can lead to things like headaches, cramps, and other symptoms that can greatly lower productivity. By having bottled water available for your employees, you'll be encouraging them to make a healthier beverage choice that will allow them to work harder and for longer than they'd be able to do without having enough to drink.

Better perception of your company: When you give bonuses and incentives to your best employees, that can greatly motivate them to do better. However, you may have employees that are nearly as good but who feel discouraged when they don't get anything. Small upgrades to your employee break room can show your employees that you care about them all and want them all to do well, not just the top one or two. A new microwave, a larger employee fridge, and having bottled water delivered are all relatively inexpensive options that can pay for themselves over time.

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