Want To Keep Your Furnace In Great Shape? Take Care Of The Room It Is In

1 May 2017
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To keep your furnace in good shape, you must have it maintained by a qualified professional regularly. Another thing that is important to keep your furnace running is to take care of the room it is in. Below is some more information about this so you will not have to worry about your furnace having problems.

Declutter the Room

Do not stack things in the room, making it difficult to get to your furnace. This not only makes it hard on you but also on a contractor if the furnace needs to be maintained or repaired. Also, stacking stuff up against the furnace is a fire hazard. This is especially true of items like cardboard boxes or paper. Take time to declutter and remove things you do not use or need on a regular basis.

Do Not Put the Litter Box in the Room

If you have a cat, you may have the litter box in the furnace room to keep it out of sight. If so, you should remove it or at least place it as far from the furnace as you can. This is because there is ammonia in cat's urine and this ammonia can get inside the furnace and corrode the internal parts. Besides this, the odor from the litter box can get in the vent system. If this happens, the odor will circulate throughout your home each time the furnace runs.

Clean the Room Regularly

When you are cleaning your home, take time to vacuum and dust the furnace room. This includes vacuuming and dusting the area around the furnace. This will prevent dust from building up on the furnace, which can cause damage if the dust gets inside of it. This dust can also get into the vent system and make it much harder to keep your home free of dust.

Do Not Dry Clothes

Some people think they can hang clothes close to the furnace to get them drier faster. Even though this is likely true saves you money on electricity, this is a fire hazard. You can still dry your clothes on a drying rack in the furnace room, just make sure the drying rack is a few feet away from the furnace, and remove the clothes when they are dry.

If you notice any problems with your furnace, contact a furnace contractor to repair it for you. The contractor can give you more tips on how to take proper care of your furnace.