Tips for Professional Appeal When Staging Your Tanning Salon

2 May 2017
 Categories: Business, Blog


You want your tanning salon to make a great impression from the moment a client walks through the door to when they leave. Staging your salon in the right way tells your clients that they can expect a luxuriating experience when they come in for a golden tan. Here are some ways you can make your salon look impressive and inviting by staging your waiting area, inventory, and even the tanning rooms.

Waiting area

Your waiting area should be visible from the main entrance and be far enough away from the front counter that clients feel like they have a private place to read, play on their phones, or just rest quietly. Choose cozy armchairs in pastel hues (they make tans look better in contrast), such as coral, mint green, or even light yellow, instead of couches, which make guests feel comfortable if they are sitting with others. Place a small table in the middle of your chair seating and have it stocked with ice water, small cookies, or a little jar of mints.


Inventory shelves should be placed either immediately behind the front counter or placed on small displays by your windows to attract people as they walk by. Have a small sample station where clients can smell and try different lotions or oils. Place a long mirror behind your display case to give the illusion of a much larger inventory supply and to allow clients to discreetly look at themselves while they pick out their favorite tanning items.

Tanning rooms

The more private your tanning rooms are, the more comfortable your clients will be. Have each room be accessible by a door rather than a curtain for added privacy. Add a changing bench with a long mirror for clients to change in comfort. Have a small box with tanning goggles and stickers for clients to use while they tan.

Even if they have already chosen their service, keep free brochures of your inventory and supplies in each room for clients to take with them when they leave. This way, they can take your salon's information and leave the facility without having to interrupt their experience by waiting at the front desk for assistance.

You will want to keep the lighting in your salon low to give the impression of luxury and relaxation. Playing trendy music at a low decibel helps set the mood so your clients can enjoy their experience and the great way you have your salon staged.

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