Professional And Personal Privacy For Your Aesthetics Spa

26 March 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog


An aesthetics business is not quite a hospital but it is not the average retail space. Most aesthetics spas concentrate on beauty treatments that are external and internal in kind. Injections to improve wrinkle appearance, IVs for health, and facial services are often offered in a spa. Massages and other body treatments such as ultrasound therapy to break down fat are possible in this setting as well. Though you are not a hospital, you will be performing services on clients that require confidentiality. Here are some ways to figure out HIPAA for your aesthetics spa. 

Only take pictures with permission

One of the best ways to market services is to take photographs or videos of the service being performed. Some potential customers will not understand how spa services are performed. Having photographs and videos on your social media along with a written explanation of the service will benefit those who are seeking out answers about a service before booking. It is imperative that you have written and signed permission before sharing any videos and photographs of clients receiving services on your social media. Store these permission forms on your computer and keep printed hard copies. 

Find a HIPAA compliance consultant

Keeping records of the treatments that your customers received means that your business files need to be secure. Hire a HIPAA compliance consulting firm to help you create a system that will comply with patient privacy laws. Your staff will learn the process of adding notes to patient files and proper encryption and password techniques. The HIPAA compliance consultant will also be able to test your system by attempting to break in to determine just how strong the system is. Assure any patients who come into your spa that their services will be kept within a completely confidential system. 

Ban phones from service rooms

If there are rooms that are open to more than one patient at a time and common areas in your spa, you will need to take the measure of banning photographs. Inside of the actual treatment room, you can request that purses, wallets, and phones be kept in a locker or another secured location inside of the room. This makes sure that no one's privacy is breached and that no one can steal any trade secrets if you have developed personal spa methods. Have signs letting patients know of this policy up front so that no one posts private information to social media without your consent. 

To learn more about HIPAA Solutions, contact a consulting firm as soon as possible.