3 Ways To Make Your Card Access System More Effective

1 October 2018
 Categories: Business, Blog


Security is at the top of the priority list for most companies. Maintaining a safe and secure commercial space requires specialized systems.

Card access systems are growing in popularity among today's companies because these systems eliminate the need for a physical key that can be copied and distributed by employees. Companies can reduce costs by eliminating the need to replace door locks when employee turnover occurs.

If you already have a card access system installed in your commercial building, there are some simple things you can do to make your system more efficient in the future.

1. Take advantage of toggle codes.

Many companies are unaware of the fact that card access systems are equipped with toggle codes. These toggle codes are specialized sequences that allow someone to keep a specific door in an open or locked state.

Toggle codes can be especially beneficial when you need to repeatedly access the same door, like when you are moving a large number of boxes. Eliminating the need to repeatedly use an access card or enter an access code can make the moving process easier.

You can also rely on a toggle code to override the set lock time for your card access system. This feature is useful when you want to lock the office up early without completely reprogramming your system.

2. Require both an access code and card.

Some areas within your commercial space might contain sensitive information that not all employees need access to. You can provide these areas with additional security by programming the access reader on the individual door to require both an access code and an authorized card to gain entry.

Requiring both a code and a card prevents stolen credentials from being utilized to gain unauthorized entry into high-security areas within your company.

3. Make use of one-time codes.

There are times when someone outside your company will need to gain access to your commercial space.

A repair technician or contractor may be making repeated trips between his or her truck and your commercial building. Rather than issuing full credentials to these individuals and then going back and revoking the credentials at a later date, opt to use one-time codes instead.

These codes can be programmed with a specific expiration date so that they only remain active for a short period of time. One-time codes can be a simple and effective way to allow convenient access to your building without compromising ongoing security. Contact a service, like State-Wide Lock & Safe Inc, for more help.