Keeping Your Fleet Clean With Commercial Vehicle Washing Services

23 August 2019
 Categories: Business, Blog


Commercial fleet maintenance is a lot of work if you have a large fleet of vehicles to worry about. Leaving the maintenance to each driver is not always the solution because the driver may be busy and things like washing and cleaning can get forgotten. Hiring a service to wash all the vehicles in the fleet might be a better option. 

Commercial Washing Services

There are businesses that will bring a high-pressure washing system and come to your location to wash the vehicles in your fleet for you. The system is often mounted in a van or on a truck and uses a high-pressure pump to spray water on the vehicles. Soap and cleaners can be added to the system and the operator can quickly go over the vehicle to remove dirt and road debris from the surface.

The pressure of the water is high enough to remove bugs, dirt, and even road tar but not so high as to damage the paint on the car. A good operator can wash the entire fleet very quickly, keeping your company vehicles looking great on the road. 

Trucks and Trailers

Washing the larger vehicles in your fleet can be a larger challenge because of the height or size of the vehicles. If you have large box trucks or semi-trucks with trailers to deal with, a commercial wash service is a great option. The pressure washing system can power off-road dirt from your trucks and wash the large sides of the trailer or box off as well. 

Most mobile wash services will use a ladder to get high enough to wash the top of the truck as well. Because the water pressure does the work, the operator only needs to climb the ladder and use the high-pressure from the pump to remove the dirt that is on the roof. If the dirt is left on the roof, the dirt will run down the sides of the freshly washed truck if it rains so getting the dirt off that part of the truck or trailer is important. 

Schedule a Cleaning Day and Location

If you schedule a fleet washing service to come to your business on a specific day, make sure you get all the employees possible to bring their vehicle in and get it washed. The more vehicles you have the fleet washing service do at once, the better value you get for your day's washing fees. Often the first thing people see with your company's logo on it is the cars and trucks on the road. Keep them looking professional and you will make a great first impression on the public.