Five Smart Home Security Features For Your Home

3 November 2020
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Upgrading your home to a smart home security system is sure to keep your family safer. The following are a few features that you can integrate into your system.

1. Locks

A smart lock is the single most important part of nearly any smart home security system. These locks can allow you to control entry remotely or on site, without a key. There are options that allow you to use an integrated number pad to open the door, or you can get a system that interfaces with your smartphone for entry. Each person in the house can have their own code. You may also have the option to create temporary access codes, such as for work crews to use.

2. Surveillance

A surveillance camera system can help improve security around and inside your home. Unobtrusive cameras are first installed outside, primarily around possible entry points or areas prone to vandalism, like a garage. You can also install some cameras inside. These cameras record to a cloud server so you can monitor them at any time from any device, either through a web portal or a smartphone app.

3. Doorbell Cameras

A doorbell camera serves two security purposes. First, it allows you to see who is at the front door much more easily than trying to peek through a small peephole. When you aren't home, you can set your phone to provide doorbell notifications. This way you can monitor visitors or package deliveries even when you are away. This strategy can help you avoid package theft or catch a possible intruder before they make their way inside your home.

4. Light Control

Having control of your lights, both inside and outside of your home, can help with security as well. For example, imagine coming home late to a dark entryway. With a smart security system, you can turn on your porch light and any walkway lights before you arrive. You can also turn on lights in the house so that it looks like someone is home in the event you are away overnight. Many light control systems can be wired into other systems as well, so you can turn on a TV or stereo to further give the impression that someone is at home.

5. Alarm Systems

Security for many people means an alarm system. A smart alarm not only calls the appropriate authorities in the event of being tripped, it will also notify you via your smartphone. This way you know immediately if the system has detected a break-in, fire, or even a water leak.

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