5 Important Things To Know About Face Shields

28 January 2021
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When it comes to protecting yourself from COVID-19, one way to do so is with a reusable face shield. A face shield is one of the tools you can use to protect yourself against respiratory disease spread via droplets. It is essential to know how to handle and work with a face shield so you can protect yourself.

Important Thing #1: Works Best with a Mask

A face shield is great, as it can help keep large respiratory droplets from getting in your eyes and on your face. However, it doesn't have a mask's filtration, which is why you should wear a mask with your face shield. That way, you are protected against both small and large respiratory droplets.

If you work in certain fields, you may be required to wear a medical-grade mask with your face shield.

Important Thing #2: Careful Positioning

For your face shield to work the best, you need to have it properly positioned. The forehead band for the shield should sit about a half-inch to an inch above your eyebrows, and the bottom of the shield should extend below your chin. You want to get the size and position of the face shield correct to protect yourself fully.

Important Thing #3: Clean Regularly

You should clean your face shield regularly. If you work in inpatient care, you should clean your shield after removing it and after you conclude working with a patient. In a non-patient setting, you should clean your face shield on at least a daily basis.

It is easy to clean a face shield. The best way to clean it is to wash it down with hot soap and water. Just like washing your hands, sometimes the most straightforward way is the best.

Important Thing #4: Know When to Let It Go

It is essential to know when you should let your face shield go. It is designed to be reusable, but there is a limit to how many times it can be reused. You should wear and continue to clean the shield as long as it keeps its shape and the shield stays intact. When the shield starts to lose its shape and starts to degrade, it is time to recycle it.

Important Thing #5: Label Your Shield

If you work in a setting where multiple people are wearing a shield, you should label your shield with your name. You will want to put the label somewhere where it will not impede your vision or cleaning of the shield, such as on the band that goes around your head.

You should not decorate your shield with any decals. It will be harder to clean and easier to spread infection with if you have decals or decorations on your face shield.

When it comes to staying safe from COVID-19, a properly fitting face shield combined with a medical-grade mask is a good way to keep yourself safe. Be sure to clean the shield regularly and get rid of it when it starts to break down.