How A Staffing Services Company Can Help Your Own Bottom Line

30 April 2021
 Categories: Business, Blog


Is your company looking to expand or bring in some new blood, but you are balking at some of the costs involved? If you need new bodies to help your company grow or finish a specific project, there may be a better way to get what you need without hiring more employees in-house. Today, lots of businesses are turning to firms that specialize in staffing services. You may be able to pick up one or more contractors to help you get the job done without having to put them on your own payroll. Here's how working with a staffing services firm may help your company's bottom line.

Full-Time Employees Cost You Much More Than Just a Salary

When you start thinking about bringing new employees on board, your first consideration might be how much they will make per hour or per year. But when you hire a full-time employee, there are lots of other expenses besides what's in their standard paycheck. Full-time employees might be able to opt into your existing 401K plan, they will also likely expect health insurance, sick pay, and every other perk you have given your current workforce. All of these additional costs will drive up the true price of bringing someone else in-house.

But when you outsource to a staffing services firm and bring in a contractor, you only have to worry about the wage. Other benefits like a 401K or a health care plan will be offered by the contracting agency if they are offered at all. The point is, all of those extra perks will end up affecting someone else's bottom line, not your own.

Get Temporary Help Whenever You Need It With No Long-Term Commitment

Do you have a big project coming up that you need additional help with? It might be awkward to bring on a new employee just for this project and then have them just sitting around looking for something to do when it's over. When you hire a contractor instead, you can set the terms and length of employment upfront. The worker will know the job is temporary, and you will be under no obligation to try and fit them into the rest of your operation when the project is over.

Don't Waste Time or Money on Paperwork

When you bring in a contractor through an outside agency, they will handle the onboarding process such as paperwork, verifying personal details, and so on. Your own HR department will not get bogged down with any of that stuff, and your manager can expect the new contractor to show up already aware of the basic scope of the job and perhaps to already have at least some initial training or orientation through the staffing agency, again saving you time and reducing your training costs.

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