5 Tips For Aerating Your Lawn

8 June 2021
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Do you want to aerate your lawn, but it seems too hard to do it manually with the tools you have on hand? If so, you'll want to rent an aerator to get the job done much faster. If you have never used lawn aeration equipment before, these tips will help you get the job done.

Get The Right Kind Of Aerator

There are several types of aerators available to you, so you'll want to pick the right one that makes the job easy. Look for a newer aerator that does not require you to lift the device when making turns. This feature is typically called in-place turning, and it is a must if you are paying to rent the equipment. Using the aerator will be like using a lawnmower, making it easy to cover your entire lawn.

Know How To Get The Machine Off The Truck

Lawn aerators are quite heavy to put pressure on your lawn to make all of the small holes. However, there is an easy way for getting it off the truck since it is so heavy. While it always helps to have extra hands to lift it, there are several weights that can actually be removed from the aerator before you lift it up. Make sure to read the directions to figure out how to temporarily remove these weights. 

Remember To Fill The Water Tank

There is also a water tank to add additional weight to the machine to make it work. Filling the tank with water is going to make a big difference and really help make deep holes in your lawn. Just remember to drain the tank before you return the equipment.

Learn The Basic Controls 

There are two levers for controlling your aerator. One is going to spin the mechanism that makes the holes in the ground and drives the tool forward. Another level is going to lower the device so that it is close to the ground. You always want to lower the machine first to penetrate the ground, then pull the level to drive the screen.

Mark Sprinkler Heads

Have a sprinkler system installed? Then you should take the time to mark sprinkler heads with flags so that you do not run over them by accident. The aerator will ruin the sprinkler heads if you run over them accidentally, so taking the time to mark them will save you from an unnecessary repair. 

Contact a lawn aerator rental company to learn more.