Instances That Should Have You Hire Radon Testing Services

21 December 2021
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Radium, a naturally occurring earth metal, is widespread around the country, and while there are no risks posed by radium on its own, its radioactive decay will generate radon particles, which can then collect in confined areas such basements, attics, sheds, and so on. When you breathe in these radon particles, your lungs become at risk of extensive tissue damage, which will lead to an assortment of medical problems. However, not only is radon invisible but it is scentless too. Hence, you may not even know if you and your loved ones would be at risk of inhaling these radon particles. So does this mean you should hire radon testing services monthly? Not always. Instead, particular instances should urge you to hire radon testing services, as illuminated below.

You have recently relocated to the property

Before you purchase a new house, it is always recommended to carry out a pre-purchase inspection so that you have clarity on the structural condition of the residence. Nonetheless, if this pre-purchase inspection does not include radon testing, you will not know what the levels are in the home. On the other hand, even if the sellers are to carry out radon testing on their own, it is still vital that you have a subjective party perform this test, so it is advisable to hire a radon inspector on your own. Performing radon testing right before you move in will give you a better idea of the levels of radon particles in the home. You should also know that these levels can vary depending on the season, as they tend to spike during the winter months and dip once summer rolls around.

You are embarking on a home addition

Home addition projects are highly lucrative in several ways. Not only do they provide you with extra square footage to accommodate your needs but a well-executed home addition will also increase the value of your property. Nonetheless, what you may be surprised to learn about this project is that it spread radon particles in your home. As mentioned above, radium is naturally occurring, so it can be found in the rocks and soil surrounding your home. If the radon is decaying when you break ground for a home addition, you disrupt the radioactive particles, contaminating your home. To prevent this from happening, you must hire radon testing services. The professionals will determine the areas with the lowest and highest levels of radon, which can then guide your choice of location for the home addition. Contact a radon testing service to learn more.