Need Cash And Have A Junk Car? Tips On Selling It

17 February 2022
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you need cash and have a junk car, selling it is a great way to make money. You do need to make sure you sell it correctly so you can get the most money from it. Keep reading for some tips so you can get the money in your pocket.

Find a Buyer

The first thing to do is to find a buyer. You can find one locally near you or you may be able to find a national junk car buyer. Do a search online to find some buyers. Find a few and request that they give you a quote on your car. 

They will need information, such as the make, model and year of the car. Even though they are scrapping the car, it's possible they can get more money if it's a newer one. Once you get a quote from each car buyer, choose the one you want to use. Consider if you have the highest price from a national buyer if they will cover the costs of shipping the car to them.  Make sure the junkyard is licensed before you sell to them. 

Get the Car Ready

Check the car for personal belongings as there may be some things in there you are not aware of. Look under the seats and all compartments, as well as in the trunk. If the car does have a title but you cannot find it, you can get one from the Department of Motor Vehicles in your area in most cases. This company can also remove your name from the title, so you are not responsible for it after the car is sold.  If you do not have the title, the junk car buyer will still likely purchase your car. 

Consider the parts inside the car, such as the engine, battery, radiator, etc. If any of these things are in good condition, remove them and sell them separately to make even more money. The junkyard is mainly interested in the scrap metal of your car. If it is full of gas, siphon the gas out and put it in a proper container. Store the container in a safe space and use the gas for other things. Remove the plates from the car and if there is any insurance on the car, you need to cancel it. 

The buyer you sell your car to will tell you what you need to do before you sell your junk car.