What To Expect With White Glove Moving Service

25 May 2022
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Are you ready to move to your new home, but you're worried about your belongings being damaged during the move and doing the work yourself? If so, it can help to hire a white glove moving service for a better experience. Here is what you can expect by using a moving service that will give you special attention and care.

Packing Your Belongings

Know that white glove moves are going to do all of the packing for you. This includes boxing all of your items, keeping track of what rooms they came from, and even supplying the moving materials for you. There will be no need to run out to the store to get extra boxes or rolls of tape because that is all provided for you. 

Disassembling Large Furniture

There are many items that are simply going to be too big to move directly onto a moving truck. This can include a bed frame, dining room table, entertainment center, or even a couch that has portions that recline. If the item can be safely disassembled, the white glove movers are going to handle that for you so that it is done the right way. 

Providing Extra Packing Materials

White glove movers are going to go the extra mile when it comes to packing your belongings by using extra packing materials where other movers typically do not use them. This can mean wrapping items in furniture pads, lining the sides of their truck with moving blankets, and taking extra steps to make sure that nothing is damaged because of a lack of proper packing material. 

Unpacking Your Belongings

All of your boxes and furniture are going to be brought to your new home where they can be unpacked for you. This means going as far as to put clothing back in dressers, putting dry goods back into the kitchen, and putting the sheets and towels back into the linen closet. Unpacking can even include hanging up pictures and artwork back on the walls. Unpacking is just as time-consuming as physically moving the items, so why should this important step be skipped?

Assembling Furniture

Since the movers were responsible for disassembling your furniture, they are going to know exactly how to put it back together. This can give you some peace of mind that those large items will have been moved correctly and not damaged because you'll see the items back to their regular state by the time the movers leave. 

Check with a local white glove moving company to learn more about the exact services they offer. Looking for a white glove moving service? Try these guys.