Building A New Home? 3 Reasons To Install Propane

22 July 2022
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When it comes to powering a new home, you have many options. One option that you may not have given much consideration to is propane.

Propane is often thought of as the gas that you use in a BBQ, but this powerful fuel source can be used for so much more.

Here are three reasons why you should consider installing propane when building a new home. 

1. Propane is Efficient

Propane is one of the most efficient energy sources available for residential properties. This is due to the fact that propane is considered a primary energy source.

Propane can be used as fuel exactly as it occurs in nature. Electricity must be generated by another energy source, which makes it a secondary energy source.

Propane costs 27% less to bring to the consumer market than electricity, and it can be as much as 30% more efficient than electricity. You will be able to reduce utility costs and enjoy a more efficient home when you incorporate propane into your new build.

2. Propane is Diverse

Propane is one of the most diverse forms of energy that you can utilize in your home. All major home appliances can be paired with propane to meet their power needs.

Propane can be used to heat your home's water, dry your clothing, heat your outdoor patio or deck, and even power the bug zappers that you use during the summer months. All of this can be done without the need to install a natural gas line or electrical wiring.

Propane is stored in large tanks that can be transported to any residential property. If you are building your new home in a remote area, propane could be the most affordable fuel option.

3. Propane Isn't Toxic

Many homeowners worry about the effect their energy use will have on the environment. You can rest assured knowing that your new home is safe when you rely on propane as an energy source.

Propane is classified as a non-toxic substance. In the unlikely event that your propane tank develops a leak or there is a spill on your property, propane will not have an adverse effect on the surrounding environment. This is because propane vaporizes and dissipates once it comes into contact with the atmosphere.

Propane poses no hazard to dirt, air, plants, animals, or aquatic creatures located on or near your property. Your home will be safe and efficient when you choose to power it with propane.

Reach out to a propane supply company for more information.