Knowing What To Expect When You Get Your Upper Ear Pierced

23 January 2023
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If you have been contemplating having the upper portion of your ear pierced, you have likely wondered what the process entails. Being prepared for the procedure ahead will help you deal with the process instead of becoming anxious as it takes place. Here is what you can expect when you have your upper ear pierced. 

Find The Right Location

Not all ear piercing studios provide the service of piercing parts of the body where cartilage is present under the skin. Before you head to a studio, it is wise to make a call to find out if they do indeed pierce this portion of the body. If you are unable to find a studio in your area, reach out to a tattoo parlor as they often provide piercings of cartilage areas as a part of the services they offer.

Prepare For The Appointment

After you have made an appointment to have your upper ear pierced, make a few preparations so you remain comfortable during the procedure. Wear comfortable clothes and make sure you have a meal beforehand. Drink water as this will help to keep your skin moisturized for the procedure. If you have a friend or family member available on the day of your appointment, encourage them to come along with you for moral support.

The Piercing Positioning Is Addressed

When you show up for your appointment, the employee in charge of giving you a piercing will check over your ear for the best location for the earring it will hold. They will press upon your upper ear searching for a spot where they are able to pierce the cartilage easily, while also ensuring there is enough present to hold the earring properly. They will use a writing utensil to mark the area and give you a mirror so you can see where the piercing will be placed. If you do not like the location, be sure to alert the employee so they can perform the procedure again, as there may be another area that works well that you will be happy with.

Enjoy Your New Earring

The employee at the studio will use a device to poke through your upper ear in the previously marked location. This process only takes a few seconds. You will feel a quick burst of slight pain, much like that of a bee sting. However, it will quickly subside after the earring is in place. You will be presented with instructions for caring for the piercing, such as turning your earring daily so it does not stick to your skin and applying a medicinal ointment to promote healing.

Reach out to an ear piercing service to learn more.